2 Nutrition Recordings:

You will receive your first pre-recorded monthly session via email when you sign up along with instructions for what to do to get credit for each session. You will receive your second course 30 days after the day you sign up. 
It is recommended to complete your courses 30 days apart (1 per month). At the end of each course you will fill out your name and weight for the month. This is how you will get your credit for your monthly nutrition course. 
This class is great for anyone who requires to see the dietitian prior to surgery, but not required insurance-mandated supervised weight loss appointments. It is also great for anyone who requires 2 supervised weight loss appointments for insurance. 
Course Value: $145
Savings: $70
Class One: 
  • Discuss lower carbohydrate protocol 
  • Discuss goals for the month
  • Discuss homework for the month 
  • Discuss what appointments to schedule this month
Class Two: 
  • Discuss liquid diet instructions 
  • Discuss advancing diet after surgery
  • Discuss goalsfor the month 
  • Discuss what to do once you are done with your checklist

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