About Aimee

A focus on real-food to support optimal health!

San Antonio Dietitian

If you struggle with cooking & dining out and enjoying delicious & healthy foods, you’ve come to the right place. Once you discover how to enhance your healthy diet, you will enjoy eating again and regain optimal health!


I know from personal experience that eating right can be tough. I've been maneuvering food sensitivities and eating a nutrient-dense diet for several years and it can be incredibly difficult and requires a lot of preparation and flexibility. I also know that it is absolutely worth the effort!


Working with me, I will walk you through the ins and outs of a real food diet including how to eat the most nutrient-dense foods possible while taking into account your long-term health goals. We will work together to create an individualized strategy custom-built for your diet and lifestyle. 

Making lifestyle changes is never easy, but together we can help build your personalized real-food diet to support your best health! 

For years I lived with the odd symptoms that come with having food sensitivities. The earliest symptom I remember began around age 12 and progressively worsened over time. I've asked doctors what could be causing these issues to no avail. The symptoms started subtle and eventually grew to imitate hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, no conventional doctors believed me. Enough research eventually led me to an Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor. With her help, I learned about food sensitivities and the impact they can have on a person's health.


Through functional medicine I learned I am extremely sensitive to gluten, eggs, potatoes, oats, corn, and -- coffee. It was no surprise I felt awful. I was slamming my body with foods my body hated every single morning, and yet all I could think was...


"What am I going to eat!?"


Even as a nutrition professional who lives and breathes food it took around 3 months before I was comfortable eliminating all of these foods from my diet.. especially with all the delicious tacos we have in San Antonio! Now I follow a strict diet avoiding these offending foods, which can be extremely difficult in our food-driven society. It takes a lot of effort, but eventually it becomes very natural.


Though I work hard to avoid offending foods, I am never perfect!


After I learned about my food sensitivities, I immediately began learning as much as I could about the functional medicine world. Integrative and Functional Medicine is a very unique field in the healthcare realm that looks at the individual as a whole to determine the WHY  behind the symptoms rather than providing a temporary fix. It is also one of the few branches of medicine that truly focuses on using food as medicine. I began studying Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) in 2014 and received my certification in February 2016. 

During this time, I also fell in love with helping patients who are going through the process of bariatric (weight loss) surgery. I began working with bariatric clients in 2014 and received a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management in 2015. I have worked with over 1,000 clients who have gone through the process of bariatric surgery and love supporting each and every one of them through their entire health journey!


​As a Registered Dietitian, I love to tweak someone's diet to make it more functional for them.. and thus the name "The Functional R.D."



- Aimee Senior

The Functional RD