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These appointments are designed

for  adults (18+) working on:


Diabetes Mellitus

Fatty Liver Disease

Healthier Lifestyle Choices

High Cholesterol

High Triglycerides


Weight Management

First Nutrition

This is your very first appointment with The Functional RD. This appointment includes:

  • 60-minute appointment

  • Full nutrition assessment

  • Individualized handouts on eating for your needs

  • Discussion on food tactics related to your individualized needs

  • A personalized meal strategy based on your food preferences

  • SMART Goal strategies. 

  • Any recommended supplements at 10% discount

  • $120 for non-insurance coverage.

Note: we do not typically create personalized "meal plans" as this is extremely time-intensive and limits meal options to just what is in the little box. Research shows this to be an very poor and ineffective tool for long-term lifestyle changes. We do provide sample menus, but never limit the client to that option alone. We prefer to educate our clients on a nutritious lifestyle to help them learn how to eat healthy for the rest of their lives!


If you wish for an individual meal plan, this will require a separate consult after the initial appointment to learn about your preferances and dislikes and a $200 fee, if not covered by insurance. 


Follow-up is key to a long-term lifestyle change. 

These appointments include:

  • 30-60 minute appointments

  • Adjustments to nutritional support as nutritional therapy continues

  • Adjustments to recommended supplementation based on lab work

  • Continual individualized handouts on optimizing your diet. 

  • Personalized review of food labels

  • Discussion on grocery shopping tactics

  • Information on dining out. 

  • $60-$120 for non-insurance coverage (depending on appointment length)

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