Preparing for your Appointment

Your First Appointment:

Our first appointment together is 50% "getting to know you" and 50% nutrition education. Based on what I learn about you in the first half of our appointment will help guide my nutrition suggestions for you.  

Some things you can do to prepare for our first appointment: 

1. Pay attention to what you normally eat and drink OR keep a food log of what you eat for ~1 week. I will always ask you what your normal breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks are. Paying attention beforehand makes it easier for you to recall on the spot. You can also email me your food log before our appointment, if that is easier for you!

2. Think about what your health goals are and let me know! Whether it is weight loss, gut health, managing blood sugar, or anything else you want.. think it through so we can work on some good goal setting! 

3. Email me any recent pertinent lab work. This is totally optional. I do not need lab work for our appointments, but sometimes it can be helpful to know exactly what we want to accomplish. It is also fun to look back on in the future to see how far you've come!

Sharing Food

Your first follow-up is usually 3-4 weeks after your first appointment. That gives you plenty of time to try/fail/try again the dietary suggestions provided. I NEVER EXPECT PERFECTION! Our goal is to flood good stuff into your diet and limit the foods that are preventing you from reaching your goals... but with everything in life, it takes a lot of practice and patience! We will get there. 

Long-term follow-ups can range from every 4-12 weeks depending on how often you need assisstance and guidance. Whether you need more suggestions, accountability, or just a really good cheerleader to keep you committed, I am here for you!