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Supervised Weight Loss:

Patients who are planning on having bariatric surgery typically require some amount of consecutive months (or weeks) of supervised weight loss appointments prior to surgery as part of their "passport to surgery" checklist. 

You have the option of doing your supervised weight loss appointments with me or your primary care physician. Most patients opt to do thier appointments with me (the dietitian) in order to learn more about the process and how food plays a role in their life after surgery. 

You have two options for completing your supervised weight loss appointments. You can choose to do 1-on-1 appointments with me or utilize my pre-recorded classes. 

If you do not require supervised weight loss, you are still required by your surgeon at UT Health to see the dietitian twice prior to surgery. You may also choose between the options below. 


1-on-1 Visits 

Most patients prefer to do 1-on-1 appointments with me, especially if your insurance covers your appointments. These appointments are more tailored to you and your lifestyle. 

Pre-Recorded Classes:

These are the best options for when your insurance won't cover 1-on-1 visits with me (ex: the VA, Aetna, or plans with exclusions for nutrition counseling). You can watch my pre-recorded virtual classes at your convenience each month to get credit for your supervised weight loss visits. You will still get all the great content you would get from working with me in-person, including access to email or text me, only at your convenience and at a discount! 

Please note that traditional Medicare plans require you to complete your supervised weight loss visits with a primary care physician and will not count any appointments with a dietitian towards your required supervised weight loss appointments.

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