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First Bariatric

This is your very first appointment with the dietitian before or after surgery.

This appointment includes:

  • 1 Hour appointment

  • Full nutrition assessment

  • Full bariatric nutrition protocol for before or after weight loss surgery

  • Vitamin requirements for post-operative weight loss surgery

  • A list of recommended food items

  • A strategy based on your food preferences

  • Progress notes sent to referring physician for surgery approval

  • $100 for non-insurance coverage

Follow-up nutrition

Follow-up is key to a long-term lifestyle change. These appointments are for  bariatric surgery patients wanting to reach their long-term weight and health goals.


These appointments qualify for most insurance-mandated supervised weight loss visits prior to surgery.

These appointments are very personalized and include: ​​

  • 30-60 minute appointments

  • Continued nutrition support on optimizing your diet and lifestyle

  • SMART goal setting, going at your own pace

  • Progress notes sent to referring physician for any required supervised weight loss visits

  • $60 for non-insurance coverage

It is HIGHLY recommended to follow-up every 1-3 months after surgery. 

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