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Gut Health

What's Included:

  • GI Map Test Kit 

  • Food Sensitivity Test Kit

    • Phlebotomy fee not included

    • Shipping fees are included

  • 60-minute nutrition counseling appointment to review your results & discuss recommendations

  • Supplement recommendation with 15% discount

Notebook on Food Sensitivities which includes:

    • List of reactive & non-reactive foods

    • Pocket-sized card of reactive foods

    • Tips on trying new foods

    • Support on Elimination + Reintroducing

    • Meal Plan for each phase​​

    • Rotating food ideas for variety

Pros and Cons:

  • Sensitivity 94.5%
  • Specificity 91.7%
  • Reliability 90+%
  • Measures ALL Non-IgE Reactions
  • 170 Food + Chemicals tested
  • Personal Diet Plan
  • Not a food allergy test
  • Tests are not covered by insurance

Keys to Success:

To Start

Symptoms must be severe enough to affect your quality of life. 


You must be motivated to make life-long dietary changes.


Having a dietitian who is here for you and can answer your questions and provide support.


Being commintted to follow-ups for continued support to make these modifications a lifestyle.

How to test:

STEP 1: Pre-Evaluation
Prior to taking your test, we will do a 20-minute phone call and health-intake. Based on the results of the intake, we will determine which tests we recommend. We primarily have 3 packages (Hormone Health, Gut Health, and Whole Body Health packages), but we will often-times individualize tests based on your needs. 

STEP 2: Payment + Ordering
Next we will take payment and order the test kit to be delivered to your home with detailed instructions on how to complete and mail in your test kits. 

STEP 3: Testing
You fill follow the directions provided on the test kits. These tests require an at-home stool sample and a blood sample taken at "Any Lab Test Now."

STEP 4: Analyzing
It generally takes 3 weeks for us to receive and analyze your lab work. Once it has been analyzed, we will reach out to get your appointment scheduled.

Step 5: Appointment
At your appointment, we will discuss your results along with the plan we have created. This will include diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations. We may also recommend additional tests if your labwork indicates it.

Step 6: Follow-ups
From there we will switch into "nutritional counseling" for our follow-ups, which may be covered by your insurance if you are in the state of Texas. 

Interested in the Gut Health Testing?

Thanks for submitting..

We will reach out soon!

Will my insurance cover it?

Unfortunately, insurance will not cover the Food Sensitivity and GI-Map Tests. 

However, your insurance may cover the
60-minute lab review appointment with the dietitian. 
If that is the case, you will benefit from a $100 discount on the above price.

If the cost of the test is a little out of your price range, we have had success
with patients who choose to do an elimination diet.

Keep in mind that this route typically takes about 3-6 months of
strict adherence to determine specific food sensitivities. 
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