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  • Irregular Cycles

  • Fertility Struggles

  • Hair, Skin, and Nail Problems 

  • Digestion Issues

  • Sleep Issues

  • Fatigue

  • Mood Swings & Irritability

  • Low Libido

  • Goal Weight Maintenance 

  • PMS or PMDD

...then you are likely dealing with hormonal imbalances


DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones and it is the most extensive test profile for sex and adrenal hormones and imbalances. This test is frequently used in combination with the Micronutrient Panel.


Struggling with unbalanced hormones doesn't have to be forever..

DUTCH Hormone Panel Tests

  • Sex Hormones 

    • Estrogen ​(E1, E2, E3)

    • Progesterone (alpha/beta)

    • Cortisol (Stress) Levels

  • Androgen Levels

    • Testosterone​

    • DHEA

  • Melatonin

  • Cortisol (over 25 hours) 

  • Oxidative Stress

  • Neurotrasmitters

How it works:


  • I will order your test kit that will be mailed directly to your house within 5-7 business days.

  • You will take the test at home according to the instructions provided in the test kit. 

  • We will set up an appointment for 2-3 weeks after you mail in your test kit. It usually takes 10-12 business days for your test results to come through.  

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What's included with your kit: 

  • 5 DUTCH Complete Urine Test Strips

  • Instructions + Test Form

  • Shipping + Lab Fees

  • 60-minute Appointment

  • Supplement recommendation with 15% discount off order


Frequently Asked questions:  


  • What does the 60 minute appointment entail? 

    • Prior to your 60-minute appointment, I will spend anywhere from 2-5 hours analyzing your personal results and researching your health to tailor make a diet, supplement, and lifestyle approach that will help you get the best results possible! ​

    • Our 60-minute appointment will take place roughly 1-2 weeks after we receive your results .

      • We usually schedule our appointments for ~3-4 weeks after you mail in your results to give us plenty of time to analyze your test & create your protocol. We do not typically schedule your 60-minute appointment until we know the test is in the mail on the way to the lab. ​

    • During our 60-minute appointment we will go through your results with you, explain to you what they mean, review the protocol that we have created for you, and recommend the supplements for your protocol at a 15% discount. 

  • I am on Hormonal Birth Control - can I take the DUTCH Test? 

    • I do not recommend taking the DUTCH test while on hormonal birth control, since it is suppressing your body's natural hormones and you will not receive the most accurate results. It is a great test to take when coming off of hormonal birth control to see how your natural hormones are recovering after being on hormonal birth control. ​

  • I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy - can I take the DUTCH test?

    • Yes! The DUTCH test can actually show us if your hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment for you. ​

  • Why do I need supplements? 

    • We focus on a natural approach to a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. In rare occassions we will need to call in the "big guns" of Western Medicine, but typically we can make loads of improvements (without the harsh side effects) utilizing natural supplements to help fill in the gaps of your diet. Unfortunately, we just cannot get everything we need in through food alone (especially considering how depleted our soil is) and supplements can help manipulate our health and even our hormones in a much more natural way.​

  • Can I do follow-up visits after the 60-minute appointment?

    • Absolutely! Depending on your insurance coverage or your budget, we can schedule our follow-ups as needed. Typical follow-ups are anywhere from 30-60 minutes and are heavily focused on your food intake + lifestyle, though we can alter follow-ups to discuss whatever your needs are in the moment.​

  • What makes this test different from the tests my doctor orders? 

    • Typical blood tests do not measure cortisol and sex hormone metabolites. Metabolized cortisol accounts for about 80% of total cortisol output, meaning the free cortisol measured in the other tests doesn’t give us the full picture. Examining metabolized sex hormones shows us exactly how we’re clearing estrogen from our bodies and which types of estrogen we’re making, which can in turn tell us how at-risk we are for certain estrogen-dependent cancers or if we might have the MTHFR gene mutation. Additionally, saliva tests cannot decipher between low, normal, and high levels of estrogen.​

  • Why doesn't my insurance cover this test?​

    • Insurance companies will only cover certain tests that typically tend to be inefficient or outdated. You could say that the science is moving a lot faster than the insurance companies can keep up with. We can provide you a "super bill" for the cost of the test that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  ​

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