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Why guess when we could know??

We are excited to be able to provide in-depth, nutrition-related panels in order to provide the most accurate diet, lifestyle, and supplementation plan based on your unique body and genes.

The Dutch Hormone Test 


GI Map Test

Food Sensitivities Test


The Dutch Hormone Test

GI Map Test

Food Sensitivity Test

Micronutrient Test


These Tests give us insight into:

Food Sensitivities

Genetic Variants

Gut Bacteria Imbalances

Gut Health

Hormonal Imbalances

Nutritional Deficiencies

Parasitic, Viral, Bacterial Infections

How to test:

STEP 1: Pre-Evaluation
Prior to taking your test, we will do a 20-minute phone call and health-intake. Based on the results of the intake, we will determine which tests we recommend. We primarily have 3 packages (Hormone Health, Gut Health, and Whole Body Health packages), but we will often-times individualize tests based on your needs. 

STEP 2: Payment + Ordering
Next we will take payment and order the test kits to be delivered to your home with detailed instructions on how to complete and mail in your test kits. 

STEP 3: Testing
You fill follow the directions provided on the test kits. Tests that require either a stool or urine sample are completed at home and mailed to the lab via UPS. Tests that require a blood draw will be taken to a nearby draw site (based on your location) and are usually mailed out directly from the draw site. 

STEP 4: Analyzing
It generally takes 3 weeks for us to receive and analyze your lab work. Once it has been analyzed, we will reach out to get your appointment scheduled.

Step 5: Appointment
At your appointment, we will discuss your results along with the plan we have created. This will include diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations. We may also recommend additional tests if your labwork indicates it.

Step 6: Follow-ups
From there we will switch into "nutritional counseling" for our follow-ups, which may be covered by your insurance if you are in the state of Texas. 

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